Wayne Messmer invites the listeners to live and learn along with him as the program host with each new show… proving the ageless adage that “…sometimes, we don’t know what it is, that we don’t know!”

As a homegrown Chicagoan, Wayne’s love affair with the great city is contagious. That enthusiasm is obvious to the listeners, who will want to share what they hear on the Homlelife Radio Show with their own family and friends. In short, it’s all about making our lives better, one radio show at a time.

Wayne leaves political debate and economic discussions for the pundits to handle. Instead, he introduces listeners to his invited guests… regular people that they would love to meet on their own, but never had the chance to do so. The guest list on the show is not “the usual suspects” of celebrities, overexposed sports figures or politicians… instead, the Homelife Radio Show shares real conversations with real people... just like us.

The nationally recognized focus on The Second Half of Life is an ongoing major emphasis of the Homelife Radio Show program content. Lifestyle and life-changing decisions are openly discussed to educate and inform the listener to become better equipped to enjoy the benefits and opportunities of life in the 21st Century, while preparing for the challenges as well. Whether the discussion centers on making the most out of our limited quality time with those who matter to us the most, what to look for in a second home, dealing with the separation anxiety of sending your youngest child off to college, or dealing with the tough questions of what to do for Mom and Dad when their health is beginning to fail… the listener gets real and relevant information on The Second Half of Life on the Homelife Radio Show.

Wayne uses his warm and inviting personality to embrace the interviewing style following in the classic tradition of the great Studs Terkel where listeners hear conversations that allow them to get to know the personality behind the voices of each guest.  Topics range from a broad spectrum of interests, appealing to a wide listening audience and the Homelife Radio Show talks about real-life issues and interests head-on.

Regular listeners excitedly look forward to hearing the next series of topics that address our everyday lifestyle activities that we all share in our lives, our homes, our families and our communities at large.

Wayne Messmer is a veteran broadcaster, successful businessman and popular Chicago personality. He serves as host of this unique weekly radio program launched on AM 560 WIND in March of 2010.